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The International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology (ISAAT) was first held in Sydney, Australia in 1997. Since 2002, JSAT and ICAT have been jointly organizing this annual event for this community and the symposia have been successfully held in Hong Kong China, U.K., Turkey, Russia, U.S., Japan, Australia, Taiwan China, Germany, Singapore, China, Republic of Korea, Sweden and Canada. ISAAT is devoted to bringing together both academics and industrial practitioners from around the world for the interchange of the latest developments and applications in abrasive technologies. The ISAAT2020 in Portoroz, Slovenia will continue to highlight the latest developments in the field and promote research collaboration, as well as to foster the growth of researchers and practitioners in abrasive technologies.

Area of interest is given to a range of topics that includes:

  • Abrasive machining

  • Abrasive jet machining

  • Advanced cutting technology

  • Beam-aided processing

  • Brittle material machining

  • CMP and semiconductor wafer processing

  • Coolants and cooling

  • Design, fabrication and analysis of devices for the applications of abrasive technologies

  • Eco-machining

  • EDM, ultrasonic machining, and laser machining

  • Finishing, lapping, polishing, and deburring

  • Glass molding and related topics

  • Grinding wheel and abrasive grain technologies

  • High speed and high-efficiency machining

  • In-process measurement and monitoring, metrology

  • Machine tools and systems, tooling processing

  • Finishing and machining of 3D printed components

  • Micro-/nano-machining

  • Robotic abrasive finishing

  • Surface integrity and materials characterization

  • Tribology in metal cutting and abrasive processes

  • Truing, dressing, and ELID